Karaoke Reviews


I've been all over the place and I Have not found karaoke ANYWHERE as good as DJ Todd. He really set the/my standard high. I love singing, he had the best music collection, sound system, and was extremely fair and organized. He does not play favorites and is respectful and kind towards everyone. 


DJ Todd is great at entertaining the crowd in between singers. He works hard to keep his music and equipment up to date. Todd is very fair when it comes to the singers and makes sure that people  who want to sing get a chance. He is great at keeping the flow going. 


DJ Todd always made sure to not pick favorites and let EVERYONE participate. He has a great attitude and runs a good show. He does a great job making sure to keep people singing and getting people to stay involved all night. 


Amazing sound quality, song selections, and his amazing personality. Todd is a great DJ whether you’re singing or just listening to music Todd is very good at knowing what types of crowd will enjoy what. He is reliable and always makes sure he gets everyone who signed up a chance to sing. He takes his job serious and enjoys every minute of it and makes you want to sing, he's great, I highly recommend him 🙂


DJ Todd knows everyone's names- even the folks that couldn't make it out all the time. He always has a smile and a great attitude. His selection is second to none and his setup is very professional.

Always a pleasure to do karaoke with Todd. Friends of mine would drive past 20 karaoke places on their way from Boston to Waltham just for Todd.

"Andrea" (Karaoke by DJ Todd at her wedding ceremony)

He is awesome at making all the singers feel comfortable regardless of their level of singing skill. DJ Todd engages the crowd in a non-cheesy and non-overbearing way which is always pleasant and inviting. He is entertaining and provides a huge variety of song choices and is accommodating to everyone.  I'd travel just about anywhere to enjoy a night of karaoke with my friends when he is the host. He is absolutely awesome!


Relaxed approach that let people just have fun with it - some karaoke DJs try too hard to "force the fun" but DJ Todd let the people be the star of the show.


Love karaoke with DJ Todd! He created a judgment free Zone that was always a guaranteed good time!